New photo gallery from the 1954 World Cruise

After a long modernization program in New York Naval Shipyard, USS Hornet was recommissioned as the attack carrier CVA-12 on September 11th 1953. Following short training and shake-down cruises in the Caribbean, USS Hornet deployed on an 8-month global  cruise starting on May 11th 1954 from Norfolk. Port calls included Lisbon, Naples, Colombo, Singapore, Manila, Hong Kong, Yokosuka and finally Pearl Harbor, before USS Hornet returned to Alameda, CA. The Air Group during this cruise was … Continue reading

Welcome to the Hornet Buzz blog and check out our first photo galleries!

Introduction We will use this blog to announce updates to the website along with background information on the photos and documents we post to the galleries. Please check back often as we will be posting new photos and features to the website almost every week. You can find our photo galleries by clicking on the Photo Gallery link on the main page and selecting the gallery you want to view in the next page. The … Continue reading