Second part of the personal photo collection from the 1957 cruise

We are now following up on our last update with the second part of Dick Dansinberg’s 1957 collection. You can see the first part here ( This gallery contains 49 photos of Air Group 14’s air operations during the ’57 cruise on board USS Hornet CVA-12. Air Group 14 included: VF-142 flying North American FJ-3M Fury (tail code A-2XX) VF-144 flying Grumman F9F-8B Cougar (tail code A-4XX) VA-145 flying Douglas AD-6 Skyraider (tail code A-5XX) … Continue reading

Another personal photo collection from the 1957 cruise (part 1)

Here is the first part of a new collection of photos from the 1957 West Pacific Cruise. These photos come from a box of 35mm slides that were donated to the museum by USS Hornet veteran Dick Dansinberg. Unfortunately, other than his name, we do not have any information about him or his service. Also the slides were not in a great condition and the digital scans had to be extensively cleaned up and enhanced. … Continue reading

New photo collection from the 1957 West Pacific Cruise

This new gallery is from a personal photo collection of 35mm color slides donated to the USS Hornet Museum and  includes 12 pictures from CVA-12′s West Pacific Cruise in 1957. Unfortunately, along with the donor’s name, we do not know much about these photos at this stage, and would appreciate if our readers can provide us with details. You can find the photo collection by following this link: or by going to the Photo Gallery … Continue reading

CVA-12 photos from 1955 to 1957

In this new gallery, we are bringing you 31 photos from USS Hornet CVA-12’s operations and modernization between 1955 and 1957. After CVA-12’s 1955 West Pacific Cruise, USS Hornet moved to Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, Washington at the end of year and went through the SCB-125 modernization program during 1956. The most important upgrade as part of this program was the installation of the angled deck that gave the USS Hornet its current … Continue reading

F-4S Phantom II Walk Around added…

In this second walk around gallery, we are adding 90 photos of the F-4S Phantom II that is waiting for restoration on the USS Hornet. The Bureau Number on this F-4S is 153879, and was upgraded from an F-4J. According to Joe Baugher’s Navy serial’s website, this F-4S came to USS Hornet from the USS Midway Museum, which received it from storage at Naval Air Depot, NAS North Island, CA. You can view this gallery here: … Continue reading

New section added! Walk around photo galleries of aircraft on the USS Hornet Museum

We are now adding a new section on our website where we are going to publish detailed walk around photo galleries of all the aircraft on board the USS Hornet and the restoration projects still in progress. In the first gallery, we have a hundred photos of the F-14A Tomcat from VF-101 Grim Reapers. This is one of the most complete F-14A Tomcats in a museum, and has been brought to the ship after it … Continue reading

New photo collection from the CVS-12 decommissioning ceremony

In this week’s gallery, we are bringing you 21 photos from the decommissioning ceremony of USS Hornet CVS-12 on June 26th, 1970, and how the ship looked in the 90s while it was stored in the Inactive Ships Maintenance Facility (part of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, Washington). USS Hornet, after almost 30 years of service with the US Navy, was taken out of service and mothballed in the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. … Continue reading

New photo collection from the 1954 World Cruise

Here is another photo gallery from the 1954 World Cruise of CVA-12. These 62 official US Navy photos are again from William L. Ballenger’s collection. One of the highlights of this collection is a series of great photos showing USS Hornet’s passage through the Suez Canal on its way to the Pacific Ocean. You can find this new photo gallery here: or by following the Photo Gallery link on the main page and then … Continue reading

CVS-12 operations in the 60s

In this week’s gallery, we are bringing you 38 official US Navy photos that cover the operations of CVS-12 from 1963 to 1969. CVS-12 was participating in anti-submarine operations as part of the Pacific Fleet in the 60s, and from 1966 on, was part of the operations off the coast of Vietnam. We have photos of S2F /S-2E Trackers, A-4 Skyhawks and SH-3 Sea Kings from various Hornet Air Wings. This photo gallery is again … Continue reading

Hornet veteran and Avenger pilot Captain Ken Glass honored by Tri-State Warbird Museum

On June 7th, 2013, Tri-State Warbird Museum in Ohio held their 9th annual gala event. The highlight of the event was the TBM/TBF Avenger torpedo bombers of the US Navy and the men who flew them. Captain Kenneth M. Glass (retired US Navy) was among the World War II veterans and Avenger pilots honored during this event. Captain Glass flew with Torpedo-2 off of USS Hornet CV-12 during the war and completed 33 combat missions … Continue reading