We will keep this section updated with your  questions about the website and problems you encounter.

How can I contact the website team?

We are always open for questions and requests. You can either leave us a comment at our blog, http://www.usshornetmuseum.org/hornetbuzz/ or send us an email at admin@usshornetmusum.org.

I have photos, documents, videos, stories, artifacts I want to share with the museum. What do I do?

We are always looking for anything related to the USS Hornet(s) and the experiences of the men who served on board. Please send an email to admin@usshornetmusum.org and we will get in touch with you immediately.

You also do not need to permanently donate these items to the museum. For photos, documents and videos, you can either send it to us temporarily and we will scan them for you and return them back as soon as possible, or send us high-quality scans of these photos. Once you contact us at our email address, we will try to find the best solution.

If you have only a couple digitized pictures, you can also use the “Upload Your Photos” feature on the website (follow the link on the main page or click http://www.usshornetmuseum.org/PhotoGallery/UploadFile.php).

I have problems viewing the website. What do I do?

Although we try to test the content on the website on multiple browsers and operating systems, we sometimes hear about problems with specific systems.

Most of the time, if you hit F5 (or the refresh button) on the browser window, the problem should be resolved. If you still continue to see problems, please note the operating system on your machine (Win XP, Win7, Mac etc.), your browser and the version (IE6 to IE9, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.), which page you are having trouble with and send an email with this information to admin@usshornetmusum.org.

We will get back to you immediately to resolve these issues.

 I can not find my name in the crew database. What can I do?

We are constantly trying to update the crew database for USS Hornet with information from cruise books and other resources. However, with more than 25000 servicemen who served on board the ships, it is going to be a time-consuming process.

In the meantime, you can help us by uploading your name to the crew database via the “Update Crew Database” feature on the main page or by following this link http://www.usshornetmuseum.org/CrewSearch/AddCrewMember.html.

Please fill in the information as best as you can and submit to us. Please notice that we are not going to publish your contact information on the website and will only make it available to others after asking you whether you want to share it.

Also note the information you entered will not be directly uploaded to the database and has to be approved first for security and validation reasons. This process might take a couple of days. If you still don’t see your name when you search for it after a week, please send an email to admin@usshornetmusum.org and let us know.

What is the quality of the photos? How do you prepare the photos for publishing? 

We are using both visible and invisible watermarks on all the photos we are publishing on our website to prevent or, at least, discourage outright theft of the content that our volunteers have spent hours to find, research, scan, fix and upload to the website.

A single 35mm slide takes at least 1 to 1,5 hours from the time it is discovered to the time you can view it on the website. This includes scanning the photo at highest quality, researching the historical context and details, using various photo editing software to fix each and every scratch and color/exposure problems, adding the watermarks and the uploading them to the website.

However, we want individuals to enjoy these photos as much as possible for their own personal use, so we have not prevented downloading these pictures from your browser (right-click and select “Save Image” option depending on your browser). The photos on the website are at 1600×1280 resolution JPEG files at around 1MB each, so they are at a much better quality than what you can see on our gallery page itself.

A quick note on copyrights and watermarks

You will notice that we have only provided a copyright mark © in our watermarks for the pictures that we think USS Hornet legitimately has the right to (i.e. personal photos donated to the museum, some of the photos from cruise books etc.). You will notice that we do not use the copyright mark for US Navy or any of the other public domain/US government photos, but still provide the watermark because we still want you to appreciate the effort and dedication of our volunteers, like Bill Ballenger, who spent endless hours in government archives to find and scan these photos and documents.

How can I get a better copy of these photos for publishing or personal use?

If you are an author/historian or publisher who wants to use our photos in books or any other commercial use, please send an email to admin@usshornetmuseum.org. We will be more than happy to help you in any way we can, as the original goal of this website is to bring these incredible photos out of the archives and get them into the hands of researchers and enthusiasts alike.

For technical reference, the original photos have been scanned at 600 dpi and are at around 6000×4000 resolution in 100%-quality JPEG format. They also have no watermarks.

If you are an amateur and need a better look at one of the photos, we will still try to accommodate your request, so again contact us at admin@usshornetmuseum.org and let us know which photos you are interested and provide a context for us.

If you are a Hornet veteran or a family member of a veteran and you want a copy of one of these photos, let us know immediately at the same email address admin@usshornetmuseum.org and we will get you a copy of the original scan as quickly as possible. We believe that these photos actually belong to all of you more than anyone else and would want to make sure you have access to the original photos.




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