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The USS Hornet Museum, along with the ship and the aircraft currently on display, maintains a vast collection of both official and personal documents, photographs and historical artifacts from World War II to the Apollo space program. With this new website, our goal is to bring this collection to the public as a free service.

We will be updating the website regularly with photo collections, USS Hornet cruise books, comprehensive walk-around photos of the ship and the aircraft on display and under restoration. We will cover various subjects from the entire service history of USS Hornet and other aircraft carriers in the US Navy, the Apollo space program and naval aviation. We believe our website will appeal not only to historians and members of the USS Hornet family but to military aviation enthusiasts and modelers alike.

In addition to bringing our archives to the public, we created this website to connect USS Hornet with her crew members and their families. We hope this website will not only allow our crew, who are still with us to connect with their shipmates, but also enable family members to find out about their relatives’ service on board the ship. For this, the website features a searchable database for the crew members that served on USS Hornet throughout her long career. We also wanted to enable contributions to the website from the crew members and families. They can add or update their information in the crew database and upload their photos and stories. We would like to encourage everyone to send us either digital or hard copies of photos they have of USS Hornet or other Essex-class aircraft carriers through the website.

We also would like to mention the entire website is being developed and maintained by volunteers and will continue to be a free service.

Also if you are a Hornet veteran or a relative and would like to get a copy of a photo from our archives, please again send an email to admin@usshornetmuseum.org and we can send you an original copy of the photo.

We also would like to offer our archives and photos to researchers, historians and authors  for use in publications and we can again be contacted at admin@usshornetmuseum.org.

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  1. admin says:

    Please see our FAQ section about our security and privacy protocols. (http://www.usshornetmuseum.org/hornetbuzz/faq/)
    “Please fill in the information as best as you can and submit to us. Please notice that we are not going to publish your contact information on the website and will only make it available to others after asking you whether you want to share it.

    Also note the information you entered will not be directly uploaded to the database and has to be approved first for security and validation reasons. This process might take a couple of days. If you still don’t see your name when you search for it after a week, please send an email to admin@usshornetmusum.org and let us know.”

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