New photo gallery from Air Group 2’s deployment on CV-12

We have 56 new photos from Air Group 2’s deployment on the CV-12 Hornet, with the first part covering the period between March to June 1944. This was also the first combat deployment of the new CV-12 USS Hornet during World War II.

You will see great photos of CVG-2 Hellcats, Helldivers and Avengers with the famous white ball on their tails, along with pictures of life on board the ship, and the air crews assigned to CVG-2 on this deployment.

You can read more about the history of Air Group 2, and this first deployment in Ken Glass’ excellent history here:

You can find this new gallery by following this link:

or by following the Photo Gallery link on the main page, USS Hornet CV-12, and then “Air Group 2 March-June 1944”.

These photos and accompanying captions were again kindly provided by William L. Ballenger from his personal collection.



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