CVA-12 photos from 1955 to 1957

In this new gallery, we are bringing you 31 photos from USS Hornet CVA-12’s operations and modernization between 1955 and 1957.

After CVA-12’s 1955 West Pacific Cruise, USS Hornet moved to Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, Washington at the end of year and went through the SCB-125 modernization program during 1956.

The most important upgrade as part of this program was the installation of the angled deck that gave the USS Hornet its current look. Other upgrades included the hurricane bow, mirror landing system, modifications to the elevators and new arresting gear. You can read more about this modernization program here:

The 1957 West Pacific Cruise that came after the modernization was actually the last deployment of the USS Hornet as an attack carrier (CVA). After another upgrade in 1958, USS Hornet was re-designated as CVS-12.

One of the most interesting series of photos show an odd group of aircraft on the flight deck of Hornet in October 1956. You can see an F7U Cutlass, a TBM Avenger (!), a Skyraider and a couple Panthers.

Cutlass and an Avenger


You can view the photo gallery here:

or by selecting the CVA-12 photo collections from the Photo Gallery and then selecting the “CVA-12 1955 to 1957” gallery.

These photos were again kindly provided by William L. Ballenger.


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