New photo gallery from Air Group 11’s deployment

Here are 33 photos from Air Group 11’s deployment on board the USS Hornet, that lasted from October, 1944 to late January 1945. The photos include scenes from on board the ship, Air Group 11’s operations- especially VF-11’s Hellcats, and the Hornet in various anchor locations. Special highlights show the Christmas 1944 celebrations, and the traditional cakes from the Hornet’s galley celebrating every 1000th successful landing on board the ship. These photos again are kindly … Continue reading

Letters Home…

In the next few weeks, we will be publishing the letters of Tudor Richards, a VB-17 pilot who served on board USS Hornet CV-12 during 1945, in our other blog “Stories of Hornet“. The letters were mostly sent to his parents, and cover the period from his enlistment in 1941 to the end of World War II. The letters and other documents were originally published on a website created by his nephew, Hamilton Richards, who … Continue reading

TA-4J Skyhawk walk around gallery added

54 new photos of the USS Hornet Museum’s TA-4J Skyhawk has been added to the photo gallery. This Skyhawk, BuNo 158137, is still in its original camouflage and markings when it was last serving in the Fleet Adversary role as part of VC-8 Redtails. You can find the gallery by following the link below or by following the Photo Gallery section and then selecting “USS Hornet Museum Aircraft Walk Arounds”. These photos have again been … Continue reading

Dedication ceremony for the USS Hornet Association Memorial Plaque at the National Museum of the United States Navy

The USS Hornet Association recently authorized a new design for the bronze memorial plaque commemorating the the Sailors and Marines, who served on the United States Navy ships named Hornet. The first of these plaques, designed by William L. Ballenger, was donated to the National Museum of The United States Navy at the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, DC. A dedication ceremony was held at the Museum’s temporary facilities on Wednesday, July 9th, 2014, and … Continue reading

More photos from Air Group 2’s deployment on CV-12

Here is the second part of our new photo collection with 39 photos from Air Group 2’s deployment on CV-12 from June to September 1944. You can find this new gallery by following this link: or by following the Photo Gallery link on the main page, USS Hornet CV-12, and then “Air Group 2 June-September 1944”. These photos and accompanying captions were again kindly provided by William L. Ballenger from his personal collection.

New photo gallery from Air Group 2’s deployment on CV-12

We have 56 new photos from Air Group 2’s deployment on the CV-12 Hornet, with the first part covering the period between March to June 1944. This was also the first combat deployment of the new CV-12 USS Hornet during World War II. You will see great photos of CVG-2 Hellcats, Helldivers and Avengers with the famous white ball on their tails, along with pictures of life on board the ship, and the air crews … Continue reading

New photo gallery from CV-12’s Christening Ceremony and initial operations in early 1944

We have 54 new photos of CV-12 starting with the Christening ceremony on August 30th, 1943, followed by photos showing the initial operations in the Atlantic Ocean, and then the trip to Pearl Harbor to join the Pacific Fleet. Some of the highlights include the very first landing and take-off on the Hornet’s deck by Commander William M. Drane’s TBF Avenger on January 1st, 1944, a couple of bad accidents during flight operations, and particularly … Continue reading